Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Heh...that's not funny.

I think I saw her today. No - I know I saw her today. I'm afraid she didn't recognize me, and by afraid I really mean afraid. Have I changed so much? But then, maybe that's better.

In the store. She was in the candy isle, reaching for a Butterfinger, no less. She couldn't quite get it, though, so I took it down for her. She smiled; the same smile I remember. I let it sink in, memorizing every detail in case I couldn't see her again. Even when she left I followed. Of course, she was not alone, but I focused only on her...maybe I should have stayed back some.

She smiled at me as if I were a helpful stranger. She smiled at me as she might if I had cracked a joke. She smiled at me, and it nearly killed me inside. But she'll remember someday. I know she will.

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